PSP Movie Creator v2.0 And Cracks

29 Oktober 2010

PSP Movie Creator helps you to convert PSP video/movies in one click. The software converts DVD movies and various video formats* to Sony PSP directly. Unlike other software which requires at least two steps to convert from DVD to PSP, PSP Movie Creator works in 1 step and is 400% faster with even better video quality. Moreover, the converter gives you advanced video editing features not found anywhere else.

PSP Movie Creator is also a PSP video management software designed for dummies. It connects to PSP and transfers video for you, automatically sets default PSP video filename, PSP video title and captures video thumbnail. Unlike other software, PSP Movie Creator can capture PSP video thumbnail in the middle of preview/recording by simply clicking the capture button. Built-in PSP video explorer window lists video filenames and PSP video titles together side by side. Pie chart of PSP memory stick usage, free spaces are displayed for the best of your convenience.

* PSP Movie Creator software converts most comprehensive video formats to PSP, including DVD, DivX/XviD video, avi, wmv, mpg, mpeg, dat(VCD), rm, rmvb, Tivo2Go, dvr-ms, qt, mov(ver 2) and more. DVD subtitles supported.

Software Requirement:
PSP video converter software (PSP Movie Creator and PSP Video Express) run on PC (Microsoft Windows 9 8/ME/NT/2000/XP) to record video into Sony PSP movie/video format (*.MP4). (No Mac OS version has been planed yet)

PSP Movie Creator / PSP Video Express requires a USB cable or memory stick reader to transfer movies/video file onto Sony PSP.

PSP Movie Creator requires a DVD-ROM, a DVD video player software installed in your PC (e.g. WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc)

A full length DVD movie/video can be compressed into a 256MB or larger PSP Memory Stick using PSP Movie Creator / PSP Video Express software. PSP UMD video disc is not required. 

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ABBYY ScanTo Office (aplikasi untuk mengconvert hasil scanan ke file word atau excel)

One-click conversion from paper to Microsoft Word, Excel and e-mail

ABBYY ScanTo Office is an efficient scan conversion utility. It scans paper and reproduces documents into editable and searchable Word or Excel files or lets you send them out as e-mail attachments. ScanTo Office is easy to use. You can run the program directly from Microsoft® Word, Excel, Outlook or Windows® Explorer, or simply run the ScanTo Office wizard, which leads you through the simple steps of scanning and converting.

ScanTo Office is an ideal tool for home users or small businesses that need to quickly scan paper so they can edit and reuse the information in seconds.

With a single mouse click, ABBYY ScanTo Office scans paper or converts your scanned images into Microsoft Office documents without the unwieldiness of launching a separate application. This convenient tool helps you quickly unlock and repurpose information from paper documents or image files into Microsoft applications while retaining the original looks and without having to retype or reformat. ABBYY ScanTo Office is:

   * Efficient,
   * Productive,
   * Easy-to-use,
   * Affordable.

Key features
One-click conversion
With a single click of a button you can perform multiple tasks at once with ABBYY ScanTo Office - scan a paper document, convert and open it in Microsoft Word, Excel, or send out as an e-mail attachment.

Easy-to-use wizard guides you through simple steps of scan conversion
ABBYY ScanTo Office allows you to run this utility by using a wizard-style interface that guides you through the simple steps of the conversion process from scanning or opening image, through adjusting conversion setting, to output.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office
ScanTo Office is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, and allows you to convert images directly from within these applications; as a result, you can start working on the documents directly from the end application.

Scans and converts documents directly into Microsoft Word and Excel
ABBYY ScanTo Office adds a plug-in button into Word and Excel. You can click a button to scan, convert and edit the document without leaving these applications. The converted results can be opened as a new file or inserted to the Word and Excel document that is currently open.

Scans and sends as e-mail attachment in one step
ABBYY ScanTo Office adds an icon on Outlook’s desktop. You can simply click a button to scan a document and instantly send it out as an e-mail attachment. You will never have to go through the process of launch a separate application, save the scanning result and then go back to Outlook and try to locate the file for attachment.

Accessible from Windows Explorer
With a single right-mouse click, ScanTo Office converts your existing image file into an editable and searchable document and sends it directly to necessary applications or exports it to any supported output format or application.

Layout retained in output document
ABBYY ScanTo Office converts your paper documents or scanned images to editable Microsoft Word or Excel files with the look and feel of the original document. No need to retype or reformat your information.

Support for 37 conversion languages
ABBYY ScanTo Office supports 37 languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, and more. It also reads bi-lingual documents by selecting a secondary language.

Automatic book scanning
You can scan opposing pages of a book at the same time. You simply place the book face-down on a scanner, check the Split-page option, and then ScanTo Office will automatically scans both sides at the same time and splits image into two pages. 

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Contoh Gambar (Cad) Rangka Baja beserta detailnya

27 Oktober 2010


Info Safe Plus 6.0.2

26 Oktober 2010

InfoSafe allows easy information management of usernames, passwords, account numbers, private information, and ANY other information on any Palm OS handheld, Windows Mobile handheld or smartphone, Blackberry device, and on your Windows-based PC. If you have an existing database, you can import it into InfoSafe. InfoSafe allows the user to define their own list of Categories and Field name choices.

When the program first starts, the screen shows all records in the database on the left, and the right side shows details about the selected record. To view details for a particular record, just select the record you would like to view from the list box on the left. If the record contains an email or web address, buttons will appear on the far right that will quickly launch the browser with the website or open a new email to the email address in that field.

The toolbar buttons allow the user to list all records or add a new record. The delete button will delete the record that is currently being viewed, or multiple records if more than one record is selected. The Copy button will a create a duplicate record from the current record.

To edit a record, simply make changes in the text boxes on the right side of the screen. For the category the dropdown lists will show all choices to select from. The field names will change when a new category is selected. The default field names for each category can also be changed. Click Save or Cancel in the toolbar to save or cancel changes.

Records can also be imported from an existing database via CSV (comma delimited) or tab delimited files. You can also export records for use in Access, Excel or other uses, by exporting to a comma or tab delimited file.

To synchronize records with your handheld device, first close the software on the PC. Then perform a hotsync or activesync to synchronize records.
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Wireless Hack Toolz 2009 + EXTRAS ADDED


ProShow Gold 4.5.2949

25 Oktober 2010

Animated Screensaver Maker 2.4.0

23 Oktober 2010

Animated Screensaver Maker 2.4.0 | 6.74 Mb
Animated Screensaver Maker is an easy-to-use tool for applying different types of animation to your photos and creating screensavers in just a few mouse clicks. You can make a screensaver with moving objects like falling snow or swimming fish. You can apply one of several special transformation effects that fills a photo with fire, turns it into a live underwater display, or makes a screensaver with an extremely realistic sea view.
How It Works:-
Animated Screensaver Maker has animated objects and effects that you can add to your screensavers with just one mouse click. Art or drawing skills are not required. Just load your photos, choose a transformation effect, add animated objects, and click a button to create a screensaver. Optionally you can adjust the properties of each screensaver animation. You can control the motion, appearance, and other features with a single mouse click.

Key Features :-
- Many animated objects like rain, lighting, fish, sparkles, and so on.
- Make your own screensaver in seconds.
- An old-fashioned slideshow screensaver mode is available.
- Easily make a screensaver in .SCR format or install it on your computer directly.
- Create screensavers from all types of image formats (jpeg, bmp, tga, etc.).
- Many examples and related articles .

Installation :-
1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Use Serial Key
4. Enjoy It !!!!!!!!!! 
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Contoh Gambar Bangunan Sekolah dan Detailnya (Cad)

22 Oktober 2010


Tutorial Photoshop Top Secret


Lighting a Giant Elephant
The Making of a Robotic Frog
The Making Of Lust
The making of AVALON
How I Chocolatized a Skull
Creating Honey Covered Objects
How I made a cloud in the shape of a girl
How To Make A Photoshop Brush
Making Bubbles with your own Custom Brush
Make a Dotted Line in Photoshopt
The Annoying Phantom Brush
Photography Illustrated
Build a custom studio shooting table for under $80.00
Saving Photographs for Contests
Food Photography and Styling 101
Glossy Reflections
How to Chrome Plate your Cherries
Devils Eye
Bringing a Stone Statue to Life
How to turn Tom Cruise into an alien
Kristin Kreuk as a real Manga Gal
How I draw hair in Photoshop
How I created a cyborgenic leopard
How I made Morning Drink
Using Layer Blending Modes in Colorizing Gingham
3D Water Scapes from Scratch
Learn how to add artificial rain drops to images in Photoshop

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30 Best Gun In The World Wallpapers

21 Oktober 2010


Download Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter 514

 Kabuto's Plot !

Contoh Gambar Septic Tank dan Detailnya (Cad)



Services which can be disabled safely

There are many Windows services. Most of them you will need for a good functioning Windows system, but some can be turned off safely. Here are services mentioned, which can be switched (almost) safely to manual or
even disabled. Read the information carefully and make sure you understand what the service does and/or does
not! Keep in mind that possible problems in the future start here (so you will have to fix them here as well). If you are not sure about a service, then don't make any change to the startup type! Don't change them all at a time, if you are not sure what they are for. Don't turn off services which are depended on by other services!
Alerter: Most times this service is not used. It takes care of administrative alerts over a network for
administrative purposes. you can disable it.
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Contoh Gambar Pintu Air dan Detailnya (Cad)


Contoh Gambar Toilet Umum dan detailnya (Cad)

Download Disini

Contoh Gambar Pagar BRC dan Detailnya (Cad)


Download Gambar AutoCad Jembatan

20 Oktober 2010

Bagi kawan - kawan butuh gambar jembatan ini saya share filenya (cad) 

Download Gratis Atlas Dunia


Grapher V8.2. 460

19 Oktober 2010

An efficient and powerful graphing program for all of your most complex graphing needs. Ideal for scientists, engineers, and business professionals! Grapher is the ultimate technical graphing package available. This easy-to-use, powerful, and dynamic program will have you creating publication-quality graphs in minutes! The superior, professional, impressive graphs will be wowing your audience every time they see your graphs.

Create informative graphs with legends, magnifiers, and multiple plot types in the same graph!
Customize any portion of any graph to make the graph completely unique to your situation!
Create your own custom graphs by using the updated easy to follow Graph Wizard.
Add legends, curve fits, annotations, and drawing objects to complete the graph.
Organize your objects in the improved Object Manager and edit your graphs in the updated Property Inspector!
Create templates to use the same graph settings with multiple data files.
Save the graphs in Grapher 5, Grapher 6, or Grapher 7 GRF formats or Grapher 5, Grapher 6, or Grapher 7 GPJ formats to make sharing documents between colleagues easier than ever!
Automate the graphing process with the included Scripter™.
Record your graph making process with the Script Recording feature inside Grapher!
Export graphs for use in presentations and publications in one of Grapher's many export formats, including vector PDF, EMF, and EPS.

Create one of 54 unique graph types. There are four different types of 2D graphs that can be created in Grapher: linear, bar, polar, and specialty graph types. In addition, many of these graph types are available with a 3D aspect. If you need an extra variable plotted on your graph, try one of the 3D XYZ graphs, the contour maps, or surface maps!

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Free Download TuneUp Utilities 2011 Build 10.0.1080.3 With Key

18 Oktober 2010

Tune Up Utilities can make your Windows operating system faster, more comfortable and more secure with just a few mouse clicks. And all operations performed on the operating system are completely safe, because all changes are monitored by TuneUp Rescue Center and can be undone at any time. All TuneUp Utilities modules can be accessed through a common interface that is divided into six categories.
The software helps both beginners and experts to make Windows meet their needs in a way that is better, easier and safer. All important system options are explained in an easy way and can be turned on or off at the click of your mouse. TuneUp Utilities will then make the necessary changes in the registry or boot files automatically. We place a high value on system stability, so that Windows won't stop working reliably. And most changes that you make can be undone in TuneUp Rescue Center - easily and safely.

TuneUp Utilities automatically runs important maintenance tasks for you, makes you aware of any problems and offers simple solutions. This ensures performance is always at its best. A slow and untidy computer is now a thing of the past for you. You can also use TuneUp Utilities to customize the appearance of your Windows system - to make working on your computer more enjoyable.

With TuneUp Utilities you will quickly make your Windows system faster and more convenient to use- and ensure that it stays like this for the long term. This makes TuneUp Utilities the perfect program for everyone: for those who would rather leave the computer maintenance to a reliable partner as well as for those who would rather do everything themselves.

The TuneUp Turbo Mode provides an immediate performance boost whenever you need it. When you use your computer in the TuneUp Turbo Mode, an analysis is performed to see which tasks, programs and functions are currently running in the background that are not strictly necessary. These programs are stopped or slowed down, allowing the additional processing power gained to be used exclusively by the programs you are actually running.[/font]

Maintain System
Regular maintenance increases the stability of your PC, but is complicated and takes a lot of time when doing it manually. Spare yourself the stress! With TuneUp Utilities, you can clean up your computer and delete unnecessary files with only one click. Neat!
  • 1-Click Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance
  • Optimize system startup and shutdown
  • Defragment hard disks
  • Remove broken shortcuts
  • Defragment registry
  • Clean registry
Increase performance
Whether you are working or gaming: TuneUp Utilities increases the performance of your PC. Programs that are used rarely or never are tracked down, startup processes are shortened and unwanted garbage files are eliminated. For trouble-free working on your PC.
  • Turbo Mode
  • Configure Live Optimization
  • Free up disk space
  • Configure system startup
  • Display and uninstall programs
Fix problems
With only a few clicks, you can fix typical Windows problems as easy as pie — without being a PC expert yourself. TuneUp Utilities finds errors on data carriers and fixes them automatically — about 60 of the most frequent problems under XP™, Vista™, and Windows 7™. TuneUp Utilities can even restore files deleted by accident — quickly, easily, and reliably.
  • Fix typical problems
  • Restore deleted data
  • Check hard drive for errors
  • Manage running programs
Customize Windows
Give your Windows a new look with TuneUp Utilities and customize programs and system settings to meet your needs: cool new boot screens, icons, and animations provide that personalized look for your Desktop. You can easily customize the appearance of Windows and settings of many programs to your liking.
  • Personalize Windows appearance
  • Change Windows settings
Additional functions
TuneUp Utilities offers you transparency and safety and keeps you up to date. Stay informed with the System information and Optimization Report, undo changes made accidentally, or check for available updates. From fast and safe editing of the registry to deleting data — even computer experts will find applications to meet their needs.You can find all the features that provide you with an overview of your PC and more security in this area.
  • Display TuneUp Optimization Report
  • Undo changes
  • Check for updates
  • Show system information
  • Permanently erase data
  • Editing the registry
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Perhitungan Perencanaan Doorsmer/Cucian Mobil

Contoh perhitungan tempat cucian/doorsmer mobil
File type     :   Excel
Size           :    42 Kb
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Convert Genius v3.6.0.36 Software + Crack | 6.8 MB

 Convert Genius has been manufactured as a solid, flexible and format-rich conversion package that converts between most popular video/audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, VOB, DivX, easily and effectively with high quality, making the files ready for play in your devices like iPod, Zune. If you have been frustrated with the conversion between various formats, then take Convert Genius for a spin.

Simply convert any media files with the elegant and flexible converter you will ever meet
This software is designed to be a very easy, intuitive and effective to use for adding files, specifying output settings and formats converting with a few clicks. Convert Genius allows various customizations including output formats, audio/video codec, movie dimension and frame rate. Since Convert Genius supports multithreaded process, you can convert multiple media files at the same time, and all the conversion processes will be done easily and quickly with high quality.

Key Features:-
- Remove the copy protection
- Specify the name of the output file
- Adjust the settings of audio/video codecs
- Allow multi-threading and batch conversion
- Recopy music to local drives from a music CD
- Set different zooming modes for the output file
- Set different splitting modes for the output file
- Include H.264/PSP AVC and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codecs
- View the source file information in a central panel
- Extract and convert the audio file from a video file
- Customize the starting/ending section and length for the output audio/video clips
- Convert one video/audio formats into various formats

Supported Sources:-
- 3GPP Files (*.3gp)
- 3GPP2 Files (*.3g2)
- Animated GIF Files (*.gif)
- AVI Files (*.avi)
- DV Video Files (*.dv;*.dif)
- QuickTime Files (*.mov;*.qt)
- Macromedia Flash Files (*.swf)
- MJPEG Video Files (*.mjpg;*.mjpeg)
- MP2 Files (*.mp2)
- Mp3 Files (*.mp3)
- Ogg Vorbis Files (*.ogg)
- AAC Files (*.aac)
- MPEG-4 Audio Files (*.m4a;*.mp4)
- MPEG-4 Files (*.mp4)
- NUT Files (*.nut)
- Raw AC3 Files (*.ac3)
- Raw h261 Files (*.h261)
- Raw h264 Video Files (*.h261;*.h264)
- Raw MPEG4 Video Files (*.m4v)
- Raw Video Files (*.yuv)
- Real Media Files (*.rm;*.ra;*.ram;*.rmvb)
- Windows Media Files (*.wma;*.wmv;*.asf)
- MPEG Files (*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.mpa;*.dat;*.vob)
- Monkey's Audio Files (*.ape;*.cue)
- WAV Files (*.wav;*.au;*.aiff)
- CD Audio (*.cda)

Supported Output Formats:-
- MP4 - MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
- 3GPP - 3rd Generation Partnership Project (*.3gp)
- 3GPP2 - 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 (*.3g2)
- AAC - Advanced Audio Coding (*.aac)
- AC3 - Dolby Digital AC-3 (*.ac3)
- Apple TV h264(320?40) (*.mp4)
- Apple TV h264 480P(640?80) (*.mp4)
- Apple TV h264 720P(1280?20) (*.mp4)
- Apple TV MPEG-4 high 480P(640?80) (*.mp4)
- ASF - Advanced Streaming Format (*.asf)
- SUN AU Format (*.au)
- BlackBerry 3GP Video (*.3gp);
- BlackBerry AVI Video (*.avi);
- BlackBerry MPEG-4 Video (*.MP4);
- BlackBerry AMR Audio (*.amr);
- DivX Movie (*.avi)
- DVD (*.vob)
- FLV - Flash Video Format (*.flv)
- iPhone MPEG-4 (*.mp4);
- iPhone MPEG-4 Extra(*.mp4);
- iPhone MPEG-4 Wide Screen (*.mp4);
- iPod (320?40) MPEG-4 Normal (*.mp4)
- iPod Video2(640?80) MPEG-4 Normal (*.mp4)
- iPod touch MPEG-4 (*.mp4);
- iPod touch MPEG-4 Extra (*.mp4);
- iPod touch MPEG-4 Wide Screen (*.mp4);
- M4A - MPEG-4 Audio (*.m4a)
- MOV - QuickTime (*.mov)
- MP2 - MPEG Layer-2 Audio (*.mp2)
- MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)
- Zune MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
- MPEG-1 Movie (*.mpg)
- MPEG-2 Movie (*.mpg)
- MPEG- 4 AVC Video Format (*.mp4)
- Zune MPEG-4 AVC Video Format (*.mp4)
- OGG - Ogg Vorbis Audio (*.ogg)
- PS3 Video(1080P) MPEG-4(*.mp4)
- PS3 Video(720P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
- PS3 Video(480P) MPEG-4 Excellent (*.mp4)
- PS3 Video (480P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
- PSP AVC Video(480x272) (*.mp4)
- PSP - PSP MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
- PSP AVC Video Format (*.mp4)
- RA - RealAudio (*.ra)
- RM - RealVideo (*.rm)
- Super VideoCD (*.mpg)
- SWF - SWF Format (*.swf)
- Video CD (*.mpg)
- VOB - MPEG2 PS Format (*.vob)
- WAV - Waveform Audio (*.wav)
- WMA - Windows Media Audio (*.wma)
- WMV - Windows Media Video (*.wmv)
- Zune WMV - Windows Media Video (*.wmv)

Installation :-
1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Copy crack in Install Directory
4. Enjoy it!!!!!!!

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Kumpulan 256 Tatoo Desain


Free Download 100 JapaneseTattoo Designs


Rapidshare Nolimit.

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Pemeliharaan Permukaan Jalan dengan Bubur Aspal Emulsi (slurry) Dimodifikasi Latex

17 Oktober 2010

Pekerjaan ini harus mencakup penyediaan dan penghamparan bubur aspal emulsi (slurry) dimodifikasi polimer pada permukaan yang telah disiapkan sebelumnya. Pelapisan dengan bubur aspal emulsi (slurry) dimodifikasi polimer terdiri dari campuran aspal emulsi yang dimodifikasi polimer, agregat, bahan pengisi, air, dan bahan tambah yang tertentu, ditakar, dicampur dan dihampar secara merata diatas permukaan yang telah disiapkan sebelumnya atau sesuai petunjuk Direksi Pekerjaan. Bubur aspal emulsi (slurry)  dimodifikasi polimer yang yang telah selesai dihampar akan membentuk lapisan homogen, melekat kuat pada permukaan yang telah disiapkan, dan mempunyai tekstur ketahanan kekesatan sepanjang umur rencananya.

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Panduan Hacker Port s and Protokol

The text and exercises in this lesson try to impart a basic understanding of the ports and protocols in current use, as well as their relevance within the operating systems, Windows and Linux.
Additionally, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with a number of useful utilities which will allow you to properly understand the network capabilities of your computer system.
At the end of the lesson you should have a basic knowledge of:
- the concepts of networks
- IP addresses
- ports and protocols.

Basic Commands in Linux and Windows

Buku Panduan Untuk Menjadi Hacker

Download Mozila Firefox versi 4

Naruto Shippuden Chapter 513

 The Tsuchikage Leaves To Defend Naruto

Free Download AVG Internet Security Pro 2011

13 Oktober 2010

Ultimate protection for everything you do online

AVG Internet Security provides multiple layers of protection for everything you do online, which means you don’t have to worry about identity theft, viruses, or visiting harmful sites.

AVG Protective Cloud Technology and AVG Community Protection Network are included, meaning we collect the latest threat information and share it with our community to make sure you receive the best protection.

   * Shop and bank online safely with AVG Firewall, AVG Anti-Spam & AVG Identity Protection™
   * Stay safe on social networks with AVG Social Networking Protection - NEW!
   * Surf and search with confidence with AVG LinkScanner’s® real-time protection
Shop and bank with confidence

AVG Identity Protection™ and AVG Firewall (enhanced for AVG 2011)

Provides additional layers of security, keeping your private information safe at all times.
AVG’s Firewall protects you from malicious attacks by examining communications on each network port. It recognizes all attempts to invade your system and blocks them immediately, keeping both you and your private information safe.

AVG Identity Protection™ is the outer layer of security, keeping your personal information safe by shielding your passwords, credit card numbers, and other digital valuables from prying eyes. AVG Identity Protection uses the latest behavioural technologies to identify software that behaves strangely and stop it before it can do any damage.
Keep tough threats outAVG

Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Spyware, AVG Protective Cloud Technology and AVG Community Protection Network

AVG’s core layers of protection make sure you can’t receive or unintentionally spread even the toughest threats.

AVG Cloud Technology, new for 2011, constantly carries out tests ‘in the cloud’ over the internet to identify the latest emerging threats. Once we have identified threats we develop solutions and then update AVG on your computer in near real-time.
AVG Community Protection Network is new for 2011 and is like an online neighborhood watch, helping everyone in the online community to protect each other. Information about the latest threats is collected from customers who choose to participate in the product improvement program and shared with the community to make sure everyone receives the best possible protection.

AVG Anti-Spyware protects you from spyware and adware – the same kind of malware that is often very difficult to remove, which is why we prevent it from getting to you in the first place.

Tag: free download, AVG profesional, Anti Virus

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Password Crackers

A great collection of apps for cracking various passwords ,forgotten or otherwise.

  1. PDF Password Remover
  2. Windows XP Admin Password Remover
  3. Zip File Password Cracker
  4. SQL Password Remover
  5. Microsoft Office Password Remover
  6. Windows Vista Admin Password Recovery
  7. Windows Password Recovery
  8. RAR File Password Cracker
  9. EXE File Password Recovery
  10. Password Changer
  11. Password Memory
  12. Distributed Password Recovery
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Free Download Google Earth Pro Original Copy Cracked +Extras

Why Google Earth Pro

Many industries benefit from supplying their employees Google Earth Pro. Real Estate companies can present location information to potential clients using movie maker or show high resolution images in marketing collateral. Engineering firms can map site plans with the Image Overlay tool in Google Earth Pro. Discover how Google Earth Pro benefits many industries.

Google Earth Pro for business users

New! Learn more Google Earth Pro Data Layers

Increase employee productivity, communicate visually, and share geographic information with Google Earth Pro. With the same easy-to-use features and imagery of Google Earth and additional capabilities designed specifically for business users, Google Earth Pro offers the most comprehensive geospatial database, including seamless cityscapes, high-resolution imagery, historical imagery, roads, and points of interest.

GIS Data Import
Import large vector and image files and have the file converted to KML that is regionated and optimized for streaming.

Radius & Area Measurements
Quickly save out measurements with the newly integrated measurement and drawing tools.

High Resolution Printing
Print high resolution images (up to 4,800 pixels) for use in your presentations, posters, and reports.

Spreadsheet Importer
Map thousands of addresses in the time it takes to find a single address with an easy-to-use spreadsheet import tool. 

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Pengertian Perjanjian/ kontrak

9 Oktober 2010

Perjanjian adalah suatu ikatan atau hubungan hukum mengenai benda-benda (barang) atau kebendaan (jasa) antara dua pihak atau lebih, dimana para pihak tersebut saling berjanji atau dianggap saling berjanji untuk melakukan sesuatu atau tidak melakukan sesuatu.


  • Adanya para pihak yaitu pihak pejabat pembuat komitmen dan pihak penyedia barang/jasa;
  • Adanya kesepakatan dari para pihak;
  • Obyek perjanjian yaitu barang/jasa;

Category   :    Persentase
Size           :    300 Kb
Files          :   Ms Power Point

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Swakelola adalah pekerjaan yang direncanakan, dikerjakan, dan diawasi sendiri oleh pelaksana swakelola dengan menggunakan tenaga sendiri dan/atau tenaga dari luar baik tenaga ahli maupun tenaga upah borongan.
Pekerjaan swakelola adalah pekerjaan yang dilaksanakan sendiri atau dikuasakan kepada instansi pemerintah bukan penanggung jawab anggaran/kelompok masyarakat/lembaga swadaya masyarakat

Emin Adhy Muhaemin

Category   :    Persentase
Size           :    300 Kb
Files          :   Ms Power Point
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Evaluasi dokumen penawaran, meliputi :

  • Dapat lebih dulu melakukan koreksi aritmatik (jika menggunakan metoda penyampaian 1 sampul);
  • Evaluasi administrasi ;
  • Evaluasi Teknis  ;
  • Evaluasi kewajaran harga ;
          -   penilaian kualifikasi ;
          -   Pembuatan Berita Acara Hasil Lelang.

Komponen dokumen penawaran yang dievaluasi meliputi:

  • Evaluasi kelengkapan data administrasi;
  • Evaluasi dokumen teknis dan;
  • Evaluasi dokumen penawaran harga.
Ketentuan umum tentang evaluasi penawaran sebagai berikut :
Penawaran yang memenuhi syarat tanpa ada penyimpangan yang  bersifat penting/pokok atau penawaran bersyarat;
Penyimpangan yang bersifat penting/pokok atau penawaran bersyarat adalah:
berpengaruh terhadap hal-hal yang sangat substantif dan akan mempengaruhi lingkup, kualitas, dan hasil/kinerja/performance pekerjaan;
substansi kegiatan tidak konsisten dengan dokumen pemilihan penyedia barang/jasa;
adanya penawaran dari penyedia barang/jasa dengan persyaratan tambahan di luar ketentuan dokumen pemilihan penyedia barang/jasa yang akan menimbulkan persaingan tidak sehat dan/atau tidak adil di antara peserta pengadaan yang memenuhi syarat

Emin Adhy Muhaemin

Category  :    Persentase
Size          :    272 KB
Files:        :    Ms Powerpoint
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Crack Game Call of Duty Modern War Fare 2


Program Penulangan Kolom Segi Empat

Program ini menggunakan satuan kN-meter dalam melakukan analisis penulangan lentur kolom segi empat. Metode yang digunakan dalam menghitung kebutuhan penulangan adalah metode elastis dengan referensi dari buku “Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Column Section” dari  Wiratman Wangsadinata C.E.

Program ini memberikan pilihan apakah momen yang akan dianalisis diklasifikasikan sebagai beban tetap atau sebagai beban sementara. Program ini juga dapat digunakan untuk berbagai macam mutu beton dan mutu baja tulangan. Ada dua alternatif penempatan tulangan lentur kolom segi empat yang bisa digunakan yaitu.

a.  Tulangan simetri pada dua sisi kolom
b.  Tulangan simetri pada ke empat sisi kolom
Keluaran dari program ini adalah banyaknya kebutuhan tulangan yang diperlukan yang didasarkan atas diameter tulangan yang digunakan.
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8 Oktober 2010

Download UUD Negara Republik Indonesia
  1. UUD 1945
  2. Perubahan Pertama UUD 1945
  3. Perubahan Kedua UUD 1945
  4. Perubahan Ketiga UUD 1945
  5. Perubahan Keempat UUD 1945
  6. Full satu Naskah UUD 1945



Salah satu karakteristik yang penting dari campuran Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) adalah penggunaan gradasi timpang. Dalam gradasi timpang ini, penggunaan agregat ukuran sedang sangat sedikit, dan lebih terdiri dari campuran pasir, filler (bahan pengisi) dan aspal, dimana agregat kasar kemudian digabungkan. Kekuatan dari campuran HRA tidak didapat dari ikatan antar agregat kasar, tetapi dari campuran agregat halus, filler dan aspal.

Filler yang normal digunakan dalam campuran HRA adalah semen, tetapi semen terkadang sulit didapat dan harganya pun relatif mahal. Beberapa jenis material filler alternatif telah dicoba sebagai pengganti bahan filler konvensional, seperti bahan kapur bangunan dan lanau sungai, juga dicoba bahan abu terbang (fly ash) yang merupakan bahan buangan atau limbah padat dari pembangkit tenaga listrik.

Dalam penelitian ini material yang akan dicoba sebagai filler adalah mikro asbuton, yaitu asbuton yang telah diproses menjadi bubuk halus dan kering yang sebagian besar lolos saringan No. 200 sehingga secara teori partikel yang lolos ini dapat digunakan sebagai filler pada campuran aspal panas (hot mix). Pemilihan mikro asbuton sendiri dinilai tepat karena asbuton merupakan potensi dalam negeri dengan perkiraan cadangan lebih dari 300 juta ton, namun perkembangan teknologinya belum diminati secara luas dalam pembangunan jalan.

Untuk mengkaji ukuran potensi durabilitas campuran HRA dengan filler mikro asbuton, kriteria potensi durabilitas yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini dibagi atas tiga kelompok utama yakni: kriteria Karakteristik Dasar Campuran, Perendaman Standar Marshall (perendaman 1 hari pada suhu 60C), dan Perendaman Modifikasi Marshall (perendaman 0, 1, 4, 7, 14, 21 dan 28 hari pada suhu ruang). Spesifikasi gradasi HRA yang digunakan mengacu pada British Standards untuk lapis permukaan tipe C dengan tipe desain 40/20 dan ketebalan nominal lapisan 50 mm.

Kriteria Karakteristik Dasar Campuran menghasilkan nilai-nilai stabilitas, kelelahan, Marshall Quotient,  persentase Rongga dalam Campuran (voids in the mix, VM), Rongga dalam Agregat (voids in the mineral aggregate, VA) dan Rongga Terisi Aspal. (voids filled with binder, VB). Perendaman Standar Marshall menggunakan kriteria Stabilitas Marshall Sisa (Marshall retained stability) dengan persyaratan yang diminta adalah suatu nilai yang lebih besar dari 75% seperti yang tercantum dalam SNI. Pengujian Perendaman Modifikasi Marshall dilakukan untuk mengukur potensi durabilitas dari campuran dengan menerapkan pengujian perendaman campuran pada suhu ruang dengan variasi lama perendaman 0, 1, 4, 7, 14, 21 dan 28 hari. Dari pengujian ini akan didapat Indeks Durabilitas Pertama (first durability index) dan Indeks Durabilitas Kedua (second durability index) yang secara praktis keduanya menyatakan persen kehilangan kekuatan yang dibobotkan pada satu hari.

Kata-kata kunci (keywords): mikro asbuton, filler, durabilitas, Hot Rolled Asphalt

Mahasiswa S1 Jurusan Teknik Sipil
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Selvy Christinadewy
Mahasiswa S1 Jurusan Teknik Sipil
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Dr. Ir. Bambang Ismanto S.
Staf Pengajar Jurusan Teknik Sipil
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Ir. Sony S. Wibowo, MT
Staf Pengajar Jurusan Teknik Sipil
Institut Teknologi Bandung

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Delete or Change admin/User Password For Window Xp, Vista dan Seven

Admin and user password delete or change for xp,vista and 7

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