AV Music Morpher Gold + Crack

3 Desember 2010

AV Music Morpher Gold is an advanced music editing application for creative DJ and home music studio. This DJ software is distinguished with real time morphing algorithms: change voice, change tempo, add beats, and apply effects. You can morph live to listen to music in your taste, and for another choice you can click 'Morph" to save the morphing settings as new file.

Music Morpher is more powerful with audio manipulating tool to copy, cut, paste sample segments in wave chart. The Wave Editor is an easy wave editing tool, which can exempt you from buying another audio editing program like Sound Forge. Gold Edition features new Voice Extractor and Voice Remover to split singer voice and music of a song.

Now you can sing with the orchestra; or mix and play instruments for a famous singer in a song. Gold Edition also features various new DirectX effects added to the huge library of editable and mixable effects, and an easy music library organizer.

Music Morpher Gold includes an MP3 recorder and a music jukebox. Unlike other MP3 players such as Winamp, MusicMatch, RealOne Player, Windows Media Player�, Music Morpher Gold can plays music and morph in realtime. Effect mixer and effect library are developed for you taste diversity.

This music toolbox also works as an MP3 converter, very helpful in converting MP3 toWAV, WMA to MP3, WAV to MP3 or any of 10 supported music formats. You will find Music Morpher Gold an easy CD creator with: CD ripper to rip audio tracks to hard disk, CD burner to burn audio file to CD, CD cover editor to design CD cover, inlay and label.
This multi format music player and editor supports mp3, mp2, wma, wav, ape, ogg, nist, au, aif, irc. Compatible with karaoke player and plug-in. Ideal for morphing music live, remixing DJ music and medleys, making customized CD, karaoke CD, sound track, and audio video clips.

Key features of "AV Music Morpher Gold":

· AV Music Morpher Gold introduces two new features Player-Only Mode and AV Easy DJ. Player-Only Mode is a compact player mode intended for playing back music without any complications or fuss. AV Easy DJ is a virtual easy-to-use DJ which helps users do simple DJ tasks such as re-mixing songs, adding sound FX, adjusting channels, EQ or any one of the hundreds of professional studio-quality effects.
· AV Music Morpher 5.0 also introduces Converter, a new module, created for converting multi-format audio files and making converting tasks more convenient for users than ever. AV Music Morpher Gold also combines the former Morpher and Advanced module into one module named Morpher with all the single and advanced sound effects combined in a large effects library. Morpher also can quickly convert your audio files to mp3, wma, wav, ape, or aif. You can also save any of the files with either single or special effects applied to them.
· Editor module allows you to mix audio files in Multi-track Sessions, edit them in waveform windows and then save them to different file formats. You can also apply real-time special voice morphing effects to make the audio files sound different and unique.
Morpher modules allow you to change sound in real-time. Morpher includes the following tools as below:
· Voice Morpher is based on unique Pitch and Timbre morphing algorithms, and allows you to instantly alter either the solo-singing vocal of any MP3 song, CD track, or a voice from any recording file into a completely new voice by applying over a hundred studio-quality adjustments to create a new voice. In voice processing technology, Voice Morpher is the best of its class.
· Voice Remover is enhanced in this version, and is designed to remove the voices or vocals from mono or stereo compositions. You can use this feature to grab the voices or vocals out of your favorite songs and then create your own karaoke CDs. Voice Remover offers the best performance and quality when compared with similar DSP modules of other manufacturers.
· Voice Extractor is also enhanced in this version, and is designed to remove all background sounds and leave the voice intact. This is an excellent tool for also eliminating unwanted, unnecessary sound as well. Voice Remover offers the best performance and quality in comparison with similar DSP modules of other manufacturers.
· Voice LPC Pitch Changer does not affect timbre; however, it does modify the base frequency of the voice. You can use this module to fix out-of-tune notes or to even change the key of a singing voice.
· Robot Voice converts any incoming voice into a voice that is similar to a robot's or computer's voice.
· Tempo Morpher changes the speed of a sound composition without distorting the frequency characteristic of its component signals.
· Cher Modulation makes voice modulations similar to those in the song "Believe” as performed by Cher.
· Root Formant Mover is similar to Voice LPC Pitch Changer, as it lets you fix out-of-tune notes or change the key of a singing voice, and has no effect on timbre, but it does modify the base formant of voice and some amount of harmonics.
· Effects Library includes totally advanced 52 effects and 65 simple effects to change sound in real-time.
· Each effect contains a variety of presets for your convenience. By applying these special effects to an audio file, you can create a virtual unlimited amount of unique and exciting audio files.
· You can use as many special effects at a time as you want with the help of Complex Effects Tool.
· This tool is a kind of container that allows you to add any number of advanced and voice morphing effects, as well as VST and DirectX, to any audio file or stream, in any combination, allowing for easy effects management.
· With the help of 65 single effects you can instantly change the outgoing sound. It's possible to apply up to 4 single effects at a time.
· You can use the famous DirectX and VST plug-ins to broaden the range of your creative activity using this digital audio workstation.
· You may playback a wide variety of popular audio formats such as WAV, MP3, OGG, APE, FLAC, WMA, AIF, AU, NIST, IRC, CDA, WV (WavPack), SPX (Speex), MPC (Musepack), TTA (True Audio), CUE (CueSheets). Note: mp3surround Fraunhofer license required.
· You can record from any sound mixer resources and save them in WAV, MP3, OGG, APE, FLAC, WMA, AIF, AU, NIST, IRC. As the wma codec is not supplied with AV Music Morpher Gold, you might need to download its 9th version from Microsoft to enable playback of WMA audio files. Note: mp3surround Fraunhofer license required.
· Organizer module helps you to create multiple music libraries, to customize your own playlists, rename songs, albums, playlists, Id3 tags etc. It also keeps track of all the audio files ever opened. So you will never miss your favorite songs.
· Grabber module easily rips audios from CDs and stores them in multiple formats. Now Grabber has its own ASPI driver, so there is no more need to download any third party drivers to your machine. Burner can burn Audio or Data CDs as well as Data DVDs, and even has its own built-in ASPI support.
· Cover Editor provides you with easy-to-use tools to create your own cover layouts for CDs or DVDs. You can add pictures and text labels to your layouts, and then edit them until you feel satisfied with the result. Now you can group text labels to perform editing operations to the whole group, you can rotate them, change their shape from rectangular to circled, color the text labels in the group, and so on. You can also create your own playlists for cover layouts..



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