ABBYY ScanTo Office (aplikasi untuk mengconvert hasil scanan ke file word atau excel)

29 Oktober 2010

One-click conversion from paper to Microsoft Word, Excel and e-mail

ABBYY ScanTo Office is an efficient scan conversion utility. It scans paper and reproduces documents into editable and searchable Word or Excel files or lets you send them out as e-mail attachments. ScanTo Office is easy to use. You can run the program directly from Microsoft® Word, Excel, Outlook or Windows® Explorer, or simply run the ScanTo Office wizard, which leads you through the simple steps of scanning and converting.

ScanTo Office is an ideal tool for home users or small businesses that need to quickly scan paper so they can edit and reuse the information in seconds.

With a single mouse click, ABBYY ScanTo Office scans paper or converts your scanned images into Microsoft Office documents without the unwieldiness of launching a separate application. This convenient tool helps you quickly unlock and repurpose information from paper documents or image files into Microsoft applications while retaining the original looks and without having to retype or reformat. ABBYY ScanTo Office is:

   * Efficient,
   * Productive,
   * Easy-to-use,
   * Affordable.

Key features
One-click conversion
With a single click of a button you can perform multiple tasks at once with ABBYY ScanTo Office - scan a paper document, convert and open it in Microsoft Word, Excel, or send out as an e-mail attachment.

Easy-to-use wizard guides you through simple steps of scan conversion
ABBYY ScanTo Office allows you to run this utility by using a wizard-style interface that guides you through the simple steps of the conversion process from scanning or opening image, through adjusting conversion setting, to output.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office
ScanTo Office is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, and allows you to convert images directly from within these applications; as a result, you can start working on the documents directly from the end application.

Scans and converts documents directly into Microsoft Word and Excel
ABBYY ScanTo Office adds a plug-in button into Word and Excel. You can click a button to scan, convert and edit the document without leaving these applications. The converted results can be opened as a new file or inserted to the Word and Excel document that is currently open.

Scans and sends as e-mail attachment in one step
ABBYY ScanTo Office adds an icon on Outlook’s desktop. You can simply click a button to scan a document and instantly send it out as an e-mail attachment. You will never have to go through the process of launch a separate application, save the scanning result and then go back to Outlook and try to locate the file for attachment.

Accessible from Windows Explorer
With a single right-mouse click, ScanTo Office converts your existing image file into an editable and searchable document and sends it directly to necessary applications or exports it to any supported output format or application.

Layout retained in output document
ABBYY ScanTo Office converts your paper documents or scanned images to editable Microsoft Word or Excel files with the look and feel of the original document. No need to retype or reformat your information.

Support for 37 conversion languages
ABBYY ScanTo Office supports 37 languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, and more. It also reads bi-lingual documents by selecting a secondary language.

Automatic book scanning
You can scan opposing pages of a book at the same time. You simply place the book face-down on a scanner, check the Split-page option, and then ScanTo Office will automatically scans both sides at the same time and splits image into two pages. 

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