Convert Genius v3.6.0.36 Software + Crack | 6.8 MB

18 Oktober 2010

 Convert Genius has been manufactured as a solid, flexible and format-rich conversion package that converts between most popular video/audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, VOB, DivX, easily and effectively with high quality, making the files ready for play in your devices like iPod, Zune. If you have been frustrated with the conversion between various formats, then take Convert Genius for a spin.

Simply convert any media files with the elegant and flexible converter you will ever meet
This software is designed to be a very easy, intuitive and effective to use for adding files, specifying output settings and formats converting with a few clicks. Convert Genius allows various customizations including output formats, audio/video codec, movie dimension and frame rate. Since Convert Genius supports multithreaded process, you can convert multiple media files at the same time, and all the conversion processes will be done easily and quickly with high quality.

Key Features:-
- Remove the copy protection
- Specify the name of the output file
- Adjust the settings of audio/video codecs
- Allow multi-threading and batch conversion
- Recopy music to local drives from a music CD
- Set different zooming modes for the output file
- Set different splitting modes for the output file
- Include H.264/PSP AVC and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codecs
- View the source file information in a central panel
- Extract and convert the audio file from a video file
- Customize the starting/ending section and length for the output audio/video clips
- Convert one video/audio formats into various formats

Supported Sources:-
- 3GPP Files (*.3gp)
- 3GPP2 Files (*.3g2)
- Animated GIF Files (*.gif)
- AVI Files (*.avi)
- DV Video Files (*.dv;*.dif)
- QuickTime Files (*.mov;*.qt)
- Macromedia Flash Files (*.swf)
- MJPEG Video Files (*.mjpg;*.mjpeg)
- MP2 Files (*.mp2)
- Mp3 Files (*.mp3)
- Ogg Vorbis Files (*.ogg)
- AAC Files (*.aac)
- MPEG-4 Audio Files (*.m4a;*.mp4)
- MPEG-4 Files (*.mp4)
- NUT Files (*.nut)
- Raw AC3 Files (*.ac3)
- Raw h261 Files (*.h261)
- Raw h264 Video Files (*.h261;*.h264)
- Raw MPEG4 Video Files (*.m4v)
- Raw Video Files (*.yuv)
- Real Media Files (*.rm;*.ra;*.ram;*.rmvb)
- Windows Media Files (*.wma;*.wmv;*.asf)
- MPEG Files (*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.mpa;*.dat;*.vob)
- Monkey's Audio Files (*.ape;*.cue)
- WAV Files (*.wav;*.au;*.aiff)
- CD Audio (*.cda)

Supported Output Formats:-
- MP4 - MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
- 3GPP - 3rd Generation Partnership Project (*.3gp)
- 3GPP2 - 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 (*.3g2)
- AAC - Advanced Audio Coding (*.aac)
- AC3 - Dolby Digital AC-3 (*.ac3)
- Apple TV h264(320?40) (*.mp4)
- Apple TV h264 480P(640?80) (*.mp4)
- Apple TV h264 720P(1280?20) (*.mp4)
- Apple TV MPEG-4 high 480P(640?80) (*.mp4)
- ASF - Advanced Streaming Format (*.asf)
- SUN AU Format (*.au)
- BlackBerry 3GP Video (*.3gp);
- BlackBerry AVI Video (*.avi);
- BlackBerry MPEG-4 Video (*.MP4);
- BlackBerry AMR Audio (*.amr);
- DivX Movie (*.avi)
- DVD (*.vob)
- FLV - Flash Video Format (*.flv)
- iPhone MPEG-4 (*.mp4);
- iPhone MPEG-4 Extra(*.mp4);
- iPhone MPEG-4 Wide Screen (*.mp4);
- iPod (320?40) MPEG-4 Normal (*.mp4)
- iPod Video2(640?80) MPEG-4 Normal (*.mp4)
- iPod touch MPEG-4 (*.mp4);
- iPod touch MPEG-4 Extra (*.mp4);
- iPod touch MPEG-4 Wide Screen (*.mp4);
- M4A - MPEG-4 Audio (*.m4a)
- MOV - QuickTime (*.mov)
- MP2 - MPEG Layer-2 Audio (*.mp2)
- MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)
- Zune MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
- MPEG-1 Movie (*.mpg)
- MPEG-2 Movie (*.mpg)
- MPEG- 4 AVC Video Format (*.mp4)
- Zune MPEG-4 AVC Video Format (*.mp4)
- OGG - Ogg Vorbis Audio (*.ogg)
- PS3 Video(1080P) MPEG-4(*.mp4)
- PS3 Video(720P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
- PS3 Video(480P) MPEG-4 Excellent (*.mp4)
- PS3 Video (480P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
- PSP AVC Video(480x272) (*.mp4)
- PSP - PSP MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
- PSP AVC Video Format (*.mp4)
- RA - RealAudio (*.ra)
- RM - RealVideo (*.rm)
- Super VideoCD (*.mpg)
- SWF - SWF Format (*.swf)
- Video CD (*.mpg)
- VOB - MPEG2 PS Format (*.vob)
- WAV - Waveform Audio (*.wav)
- WMA - Windows Media Audio (*.wma)
- WMV - Windows Media Video (*.wmv)
- Zune WMV - Windows Media Video (*.wmv)

Installation :-
1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Copy crack in Install Directory
4. Enjoy it!!!!!!!

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